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Contact us and we will be in touch for a free 30min conversation about your business and how we can help you


After our first contact we will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This will help us create the right proposal for your business.

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After reviewing the questionnaire we will send you a proposal based on your answer and needs, detailing functionalities and design of your future website

Website hosting

Self-hosting your website offers many advantages such as; customizing your domain name, SEO optimization which will allow better ranking. One of the most significant benefit is that it will allow you to chose how and where your website is hosted. It will also give you much more flexibility and access to more plug-ins


Designing websites which are fully customized and fits your business’s needs


Responsiveness is what will allow your website mobile-friendly and improve the way it looks on mobile phones and I-pads. Since today 60% of website traffic is done from mobile phone this is a key feature of your website.

Online Store

An online store allows you to showcase your products 24/7 and your clients to purchase your products anywhere and anytime. The store solution also includes easy payment solution and store monitoring tools.

Calendar & Booking forms

Calendar and Booking forms will allow your clients to book your courses/ lessons anywhere and anytime. It will allow to pre-define the time slots where you are available for bookings and your clients will be able to choose the day and time what will suits both them and yourself in one click

Members area

Members area allow some of your clients to access specific parts of your website because they are paying a membership or are privileged for other reason. For example if you are a blogger it could be an access to specific articles, or courses if you are a teacher or a coach.


Ensuring that each website page is taking into account standard SEO (search engine optimization) practices, to make your business more visible and reach a wider audience


Ensuring that your website is securely stored and that it is safe for users to browse over a secured connection.

  • Quick update
  • CHF 250
    • 4 hours
    • For small fix and updates, for example new contact form, new simple page
    • Use over multiple times
    • Plan is valid 1 year
  • Contact me
  • A bit more work
  • CHF 450
    • 8hours
    • For bigger updates or for recurring smaller updates or maintenance
    • Use over multiple times
    • Plan is valid 1 year
  • Contact me
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • On demand
    • If you need ongoing maintenance, we can setup tailor-made plan for continuous support on your website
    • Price depending on scope
    • Renewable based on your needs
  • Contact me

We are looking forward to work with you

Our services are fully tailor made to you. We ensure all our websites are responsive.  Our goal is to provide a real tool which will help you develop your business and will be supporting you with maintenance if needed.  For more information, please fill out our contact form and book a free 30 min consultation. 

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