Satcitananda Yoga

YOGA means union of body, mind and soul.
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The Client

Patricia is the founder of Satcitananda Yoga. She is passionate about nature and loves to do yoga outdoors.

The Goal

She wanted a sleek and sophisticated website, showcasing her journey with yoga and her connection with the element and the outdoors. The goal was also to show where and when she teaches her classes.
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The Result

Patricia’s practice is all about being in harmony with nature so we included a nice gallery of her practising in the beautiful outdoors. A schedule and description of her classes. We also accounted for the future and added a page for her retreats and future videos. Finally we added a section about her definition of yoga explaining the different branches.


I love the site, which is simple and easy to navigate and reflects what I want to convey. Margaux proposed several options and coached me on the choices while respecting my requirements. The site will undoubtedly be a great business card!