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The Client

Annabel is a life & health coach. Her goal is to bring out the most beautiful version of her clients. Her style of coaching will adapte to each clients rythm and values

The Goal

Annabel wanted to have a space where she could showcase and explain the different coaching programs as well as wellness recipes. She also wanted to have a specific application form for her clients. She wanted a earthy and calm atmosphere like a kind of sanctuary
osmoslife - coach website full page by mweb-designs

The Result

We built a custom Wordpress self hosted website. For the colours and visuals we used plants and woody pictures with a pale pink as a base colour and the dark one as an accent colour. This gives it overall a soft and welcome feel. We added a full service description and a customised application form. For the recipe part we added a blog style part.


Having Margaux taking care of my website was a blessing, knowing that someone understands really your needs and anticipates what could be the next step. She was patient and giving me a step by step approach which succeeds to help me to build the website quickly and as planned. She also proposed me several options to guide my choices and confirm my identity. Although she was quite new in the field the quality of her work is undeniable and we put my website up on time. I can’t wait to see the next steps as my activity is growing. I am happy and relieved that she is with me on this path. I warmly recommend to Margaux for your future web development. Margaux, Thanks a lot for your excellent work, vision and support