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The Client

The client Didier loves sports and is helping some young athletes to develop their passion for their sports by sponsoring them. In exchange those athletes organise discovery days for younger so they can learn about the sport.

The Goal

The goal of the website is to showcase each athlete and their sport and their career. The aime was also to have a calendar for the different discovery activities. The last thing was to have a blog where athletes can give updates on their results and career.
DVDM Sponsoring - sponsoring athletes website full page by mweb-designs

The Result

We used fun colors and designs for this website that would suit all athletes and sports. The activity calendar is easy to understand and to book. Each athlete has its own page explaining the sport and career and with all the links to their own website or social media pages. The blog is updates with athletes content every month.


The patients were delighted to be able to share in the lives of athletes, who divide their time between sport and work. This is possible thanks to this platform