For Créaméta, ecology, proximity and sustainability are essential.
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The Client

Creameta is specializes in sculpting and photography, and we’ve crafted a unique split-screen experience to navigate between her sculptures and captivating photographs.

The Goal

To capture the essence of Beatrice’s work, we’ve chosen a palette of soothing neutral colors with a hint of blue and green, bringing a touch of nature into every visit. It was our utmost priority to reflect her vision and values and to provide a stunning showcase for her art work.
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The Result

With Creameta, Beatrice is deeply committed to supporting local products and artisans, and we’ve wholeheartedly embraced this spirit by partnering with a local and responsible hosting company. (I must admit, it was a bit challenging, but we’re happy with the result!)


We took the time to bring the site up to a quality that suited me. The result suits me completely. My feedback throughout the construction of the site was listened to. When it didn’t suit me, you always came up with a new proposal. I’m happy to work with you again. I highly recommend you for new website creations.